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Resemin are the third largest manufacturer of underground drilling equipment. Our machines are simple to operate and maintain, the jumbos are designed to Bore, Scale, Mesh, Bolt and Long Hole and range in size from narrow vein to full size double boomers and they offer a significantly improved return on your investment.

Resemin will launch its new range of four Australian-ready Jumbos in November 2015. All of the rigs are engineered to Bore, Scale, Bolt, Mesh and Long Hole starting with the T22, a Narrow Vein Diesel Hydrostatic Jumbo for sections between 2.5m and 3.5m. Named the Muki, Peruvian for a mountain dwarf said to live in the Peruvian mines, this rig will have a big impact on pneumatic drilling, being safer and five times more productive than manual drilling.

The scaled up T44 is also Diesel Hydrostatic with the even larger T55 and T66 (Double Boom) being Power Shift. Resemin will soon have an option for a Dual Driven Jumbo, capable of working at the heading without services. Resemin also manufactures simple cost effective Roof Bolters and a range of Production Long Hole rigs.

Overseas, Resemin have been adopted by Xstrata, Pan American, Endeavour, Fresnillo, Dumas, Glencore and Redpath to name a few. Resemin’s range is tough, versatile and uncomplicated. Its strong design making it reliable, easier to operate and to maintain, as well as much more affordable than conventional rigs both from a capital cost and a TCO perspective.

Australian company Resemin Asia has been appointed as the exclusive Australasian and Asian distributor. Visit the website: or call us today for more information.

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0459 222 242


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